Watch The Money! (Fiscally Cautious)

I don’t want to see tax increases. Unless it is as a result of our property values going up and that would mean we are doing the right things.
We need to watch our spending carefully as we work to expand services for our current and new residents as we grow. Just because we have it does not mean we should spend it. We will need create and grow our reserves.
Efficiently use the surplus to increase service levels.

Improve Public Service

Reduce response times and deter crime by increasing presence. As mayor, I will ask for both a gold and platinum level plan from our police chief to meet better service levels.

Protect our homes by increasing personnel to get closer to national standards.

Create a City Services Report Card that is updated monthly to show how we are measuring up against our goals for each department of our city from Police, Parks & Recreation to resident customer service. Resident satisfaction levels will be one of those measurements based on surveys after interaction with our various departments.

Improve Schools Through Engagement

Support Our Kids (Partner with Fulton County Schools) – Increase adult participation through PTA, SGC and After School Activities – this drives better school performance and thus property values and that brings more businesses to the table to help fund our school and after-school programs.
A focus on taking advantage of business, state, federal and international programs to expand opportunities for our youth and young adults.

Increase Resident Involvement

Implement CEOs (Citizen Engagement Organizations) to improve the partnership between our various neighborhoods and our new governing body. They would be modeled to support current overlay organizations.
Create Senior, Youth, Faith and Forward Vision (future) Advisory Boards to keep me abreast of each of these focus areas.
Ask each resident to join one of our community organizations or serve on a city board – the more engagement we have, the more pride each of us will have in our new city.

Build The Future through Economic Development

– Jobs! – Create Economic Development Department to market to and bring in the right businesses in the right areas (protecting our bedroom communities).
– Businesses – More Money to provide better services.
– Businesses – Better Work (local, quality jobs).
– Businesses – Better Services for our residents and visitors. Restaurants, closer supermarkets, stores, etc.
– Future Business Development Advisory Board to look for ways for us to

All of these with the goal to attract and maintain the best businesses, provide quality local jobs and services that will allow our youth to want to come home and contribute to the next level of our great new city!